Cheap Linux Web Hosting Plans

Affordable Linux Web Hosting Packages

What is Linux?
Linux is based on UNIX and is an open source platform that is mostly used for hosting websites. One of the most important features of Linux is LAMP and this is the abbreviation of Linux, Apache, MariaDB/ MySQL, and Perl/Python/PHP. It signifies the combination of server and software technologies which also are open source and this makes Linux one of the best choices for hosting websites within a limited budget.

Linux offers you access to FTP with the help of which files can be uploaded on the internet server through hard drive. This is offered by Windows as well but the uniqueness of Linux lies in the fact that it offers telnet access that helps in the interpretation of user data over TCP or transmission control protocol. With CGI or Common Gateway Interface, this helps with application on the browser.

Linux being an open source platform, it offers access to a wide range of scripts, applications and snippets and this is the best choice for amateur website developers as well.

Why go for Linux Hosting Plans?
There are several reasons why most developers opt for Linux hosting whether they are amateurs or experienced. Some of the main reasons behind that are:

• Linux server is secure and stable. It is a robust platform that is well known for its steadiness and security.

• Linux hosting plans ensure easy backups with the help of its inbuilt tools and this is something really important.

• Even the cheapest of the Linux hosting plans would offer you all the basics like FTP access, MySQL services, CGI scripting and the likes.

• The technical support offered by the Linux platform is the best in class.

• Linux hosting plans are affordable in terms of setup, monthly and software costs as well.

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